Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finally!!! We are back!

Ok, so we know we have been slackers and we are SORRY. Amongst my many new years resolutions, getting back to our blog was one of them. So let's start by catching up with one of our big highlights of last year - our trip to Europe! We have put together a slide show of images from our trip which took us to Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (to see our good friend Allison) and France. We traveled via train through these countries (backpacks and all!) with our good friends Russ and Nikki. The majority of the trip was focused on finding and learning about the unique beers in these countries, as this is a topic we are very passionate about (a home brew post will be coming soon, we promise!).

It was an amazing trip! Just click on the link below to see the slideshow and we hope you enjoy the pics!